Saturday, July 27, 2013


12 Days and Counting sure got EXTENDED!


I guess that will happen when you cram in as much chaos as we have is the past three months.

Here's a short review...

We moved into the 'new' house by May.
Life was then followed by taking care of my Grandmother's dr appointments and nearly having to force the stubborn woman to go to physical therapy.
Then she fell ill...right around the same time that we did ANOTHER job change/move to the current 'new' house.
After being hospitalized for a week, they sent her home where she fell in the bathroom.
This was followed by hospitalization #2.
Another week later, and she had a stroke the day before she was scheduled to leave the hospital.
We also found out she had a tumor, and that it was bleeding.
That following Monday she was wheeled in for brain surgery to stop the bleeding.
The Monday following that, she was wheeled in for ANOTHER brain surgery, to try and stop the bleeding again.
This was followed with the Dr. saying 'There's nothing more we can do' and she is now on 'comfort care'.
Currently she has just been place in the Rehab center of a nursing home.

Whew! Talk about a rough few months!

That's all a good enough excuse, isn't it?
I think so!